FALL 2017 // Spring 2018


Location: Student's home OR Ashley's Home Studio in Carlson Park neighborhood of Culver City




Create a strong, essential musical foundation through private classical piano lessons

We all posses the ability to become fluent in the musical language, with dedication to small, weekly practice goals. Master the "rules", so that eventually you can break them.

Awaken and express the inherent musicality we are all born with

Find the joy in self expression through music. Learn to play inspiring pieces with your current skill set. Apply your skills to electronic music and discover a new universe of tones. Create your own music through composition and improvisation. 


In addition to accomplishing your musical goals, you will forever carry the non-musical benefits of studying piano: critical and abstract thinking, self discipline, focus, and ability to set and achieve goals. 



Piano Instruction

  • Method Books (introduction of all musical concepts, reading and writing music notation). 
  • Rote Learning (by showing and copying, the student learns pieces beyond their current reading abilities)
  • Percussion and Rhythm 
  • Technique
  • Music Theory (written activities)
  • Composition
  • Small Weekly Goals (Lesson Songs to Practice)
  • Larger goals (Recital Piece, development, preparation, and performance) 
  • Repertoire development, including pieces selected by student and teacher

Creative Music & Technology

  • Improvisation, Composing, and Recording
  • Introduction to music software production programs Logic, Garage Band, more **
  • Explore hundreds of instruments tones on electronic keyboard **
  • Experience playing lesson pieces on new sounds **
  • Record your own compositions and improvisations **
  • Create an album **
  • Program Drum Beats **
  • Introduction to MIDI programming **
  • Film Scoring **

** Offered fully during lessons in Ashley's home studio. Technology will be limited to iPad in students home, unless they have their own equipment. 


About Ashley Hill

Instructor Ashley Hill is a classically trained pianist, composer, and music educator. She has devoted her life to becoming an accomplished musician, and now creates music through others with her music education studio. She knew from the young age of six that music was her calling, and eventually graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Music Composition and Theory, with an emphasis in Piano Performance. Since 2002, Ashley has toured the world, performed for front of crowds of tens of thousands of people, and maintained a private piano studio of 30 students. She continues to fall more in love with music education every year, as that has become her core focus. She works with everyone from young beginners to competitive college-prep musicians. In addition to teaching, she scores music for commercials, composes and performs many forms of music, spanning classical chamber ensembles to progressive metal. She is a founding member of the critically acclaimed progressive rock 'super group' Orbs.


Fall 2017 Tuition

Private Lessons | Billed in monthly cycles 

$50           per 30 minute lesson

$75            per 45 minute lesson

$100          per 60 minute lesson

$25            Travel Fee for lessons in students home, per lesson. Waived for lessons at Ashley's

Additional Fees

$30            Registration

$65            1st round of Books and Materials

TBD           Purchase of suggested supplemental music



Application & Registration Procedure

  • $30 registration fee
  • Complete the 3 forms (New student Application, Schedule Request, and Contract)
  • Scan documents or take a clear, high quality photo, and send to Ashley via email or text.
  • Acceptance, Preferred lesson times and Frequency are not guaranteed, but will be considered on a best efforts basis.
  • Schedule of private lessons will be released at a TBD date mid-September via email, along with an invoice for the semester.
  • Please feel free to touch base via email with Ashley Hill to introduce yourself, or ask any questions before sending in forms.
  • Contact // Email: // Phone: 480-980-6462

Absence Policies

As a courtesy to the teacher, students must give notification of anticipated absences within 24 hours of the lesson time in order to receive a payment credit for the lesson. There will be no makeup lessons for student absences. In cases of sudden illness on the part of the teacher, the teacher shall make every reasonable attempt to notify students, and a make-up lesson shall be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. If there is not a mutually convenient time, the lesson fee will be credited on the following invoice. 

Required Materials

An acoustic piano in the student’s home is required for practice. If you do not already own a piano, I can arrange for you to rent one for as low as $55/month, plus a delivery fee.

An iPad and/or Apple laptop is recommended for use listening, video practice references, metronome, and use of musical apps, but not required.

$65 fee for Start-up Materials, which includes 3 method books (lesson, theory, and performance), practice log for the semester, music binder, manuscript paper, and flashcards. Any additional books or sheet music the student needs during the semester is their responsibility to purchase or reimburse. Students are required to bring all of their books and materials to every lesson.


Practice is mandatory and is the single most important aspect to your child’s progress; lessons alone will not be enough to stay on track. I will give written and verbal instructions for each weeks practice goals to both the student and parent. Students are required to log their practice, and parents are needed for support.


Upon receipt of forms and contract, the student will receive an invoice for the month. For each month, tuition in full, and all applicable fees (registration and/or materials) are due prior to the first lesson. Payment is accepted via Venmo, Paypal, Cash, or Checks are payable to Ashley Hill, and can be mailed to 4164 La Salle Avenue Culver City, CA 90232 or given on the first lesson of the month.